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Recent Research News:
Several recent NMR, Brillouin and XRD studies have allowed us to gain new insight into the molecular structure and dynamics of dragline spider silk. The goal is to completely understand the molecular structure of this complex protein-based biopolymer, with the thought of reproducing its molecular structure in synthetic spider silk mimic materials.
Recent Teaching News:
Prof. Jeff Yarger is teaching a one semester physical chemistry laboratory course in the 2013/2014 academic year. A youtube channel named pchemlab (or Jeff Yarger) was created to screencast recitation based information for physical chemistry lab.
Recent Research News:
We report the structural characterization of several amorphous drugsmade using the method of quenching molten droplets suspended in an acoustic levitator in the J. Pharm. Sci in the April 2013 issue. Carbon NMR, X-ray, and neutron diffraction results are discussed for glassy cinnarizine, carbamazepine, miconazole nitrate, probucol, and clotrimazole.
Argiope aurantia spider
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