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On this website and on several of my YouTube channels, I make reference to data sets, software and other material. On this download website, I provide the associated files.
Soft Matter Review on NMR of Silk
Article on Spider Silk in BioPhotonics
CHM343 NMR Diffusion Data for Spring 2013. Mixture of simple solutes in CDCl3.
Example PFG NMR Data - CHM343
Example PFG-SE 1H NMR Ascii Data - PAHplus solutes in CDCl3
Example PFG-SE 1H Ascii NMR Data - Mixture of Solutes in D2O
VnmrJ Data for Samples 2 and 3 Listed Above
Example Data for CHM343 Class
Balmer Series Spectrum of Hydrogen
Vernier VIS Spectrometer Atomic Spectra
Ocean Optics USB4000 Spectrometer, Atomic Spectra
Ocean Optics Ascii Data - Sept 2013
NMR Data from CHM 343, Fall 2013, Enol-Keto Equil NMR Lab on different Solvents for AcAc
NMR Data from CHM343, Fall 2013, for Temp. Dep of AcAc